Beef & Your Health

Beef’s the ultimate powerhouse when it comes to nutrition, so whether you’re looking to manage your heart health, diabetes, or simply looking to get a balanced approach to eating, beef can help.

Health Benefits

If Popeye only knew the health benefits of beef, he would have been even stronger! Enjoyed in moderation (like all good things), Your Best Beef can help you with your best health.

From the latest in beef health research, to a 30-day protein challenge, the folks over at BeefNutrition.Org have lots of great resources for you.

For instance:

  • Did you know consuming high-quality protein sources, like lean beef, may lead to appetite control and satisfaction? Read more about that here.
  • Do you know a mom-to-be? With lots of great information, including recipes, this resource on beef for all stages of life is very helpful. Click here.
  • Did you know research shows including lean beef, even daily as part of a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle, can improve cholesterol levels? Read more about that here.
  • Did you know a 3-oz serving of lean beef provides 10 nutrients that are essential for a healthy, active lifestyle? Read more about that here.
  • Did you know beef provides you with 10 essential nutrients? Read all about them here.
  • To read more about beef’s contribution to your healthy diet, visit this great resource from BEEF: It’s What’s For Dinner.


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Q: Where can I buy High River Angus beef?
A: High River Angus is proudly featured at retail & foodservice venues all across the country. Can’t find us at your favorite spot? Request us!

Q: How do I share photos of my beef meals with High River Angus?
A: Great question! We’d love to see what your best beef is! Share your High River Angus beef photos on Facebook or Instagram tagging @HighRiverAngus.

Q: Where can I find recipes for cooking High River Angus?
A: We’re busy building a recipe library—come find your best beef recipe here.

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